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All of our texts are available in hard copy and pdf. We offer discounted financial and managerial bundles including the textbook, workbook, and solutions manual. The bundles are available as downloads only. The workbooks contain working papers for the problems presented in the text and online.


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Financial Textbooks (Chapters 1 -16) 2016-2017 Editions
Financial Textbook Bundle

Financial Accounting PDF Bundle $99.95

Financial Accounting Textbook

Financial Accounting Textbook Pdf $39.95, Text $89.95


Financial Accounting Workbook Pdf $39.95, Text $39.95

Financial Accounting Solutions Manual

Financial Acct Solutions Manual Pdf $39.95, Text $49.95



Managerial Textbooks (Chapters 17-24) 2016-2017 Editions
Managerial Textbook Bundle

Managerial Accounting PDF Bundle $99.95

Managerial Accounting Textbook

Managerial Accounting Textbook Pdf $39.95, Text $79.95

Managerial Accounting Workbook

Managerial Accounting Workbook Pdf $39.95, Text $39.95

Managerial Accounting Solutions Manual

Managerial Acc Solutions Manual Pdf $39.95, Text $44.95