We all know that we learn from our mistakes, and that is very true on accounting exams.  But it is no longer necessary to suffer the damage to your GPA because of that “mistake-based” learning process.  Instead, give ExamCram a try.


ExamCram is a robust exam preparation tool.  

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Using sophisticated underlying software, you are able to efficiently identify areas of weakness and greatly improve actual exam performance.  With this tool you will have access to an unlimited number of accounting exams targeted to specific topical areas.  Each exam is completely unique.  Take as many trial exams as you like, and watch how your performance improves. Once satisfied with your score, you’ll be much better prepared for the real thing.

Module 1 covers the Accounting Cycle, and corresponds to topics covered in chapters 1 through 4 of principlesofaccounting.com.

And more modules are coming soon!

Module 2: Current Assets Module 5: Using Information
Module 3: Long-term Assets Module 6: Managerial and Cost Accounting
Module 4: Liabilities and Equities Module 7: Budgeting and Decision Making


For a limited time, ExamCram, Module 1, may be accessed for $9.95 per user.  The registered user will have unlimited access for 60 days, allowing as many exam attempts as desired.

To register, click below to be directed to PayPal to purchase an access pass, after which (usually within about 24 hours) you will receive an email with a student log-in to access ExamCram. When you receive the email you may log on here at Examind.


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