AJAX progress indicator
  • accounts receivable
    Amounts due from customers from credits sales of products or services; "trade receivables"
  • aging of accounts receivable
    Analysis used to estimate the uncollectible accounts; involves stratification of receivables based upon age
  • allowance method for uncollectibles
    A method that estimates uncollectibles as a portion of total receivables and establishes an offsetting contra allowance account
  • direct write-off method
    A simple, non-GAAP, method that expenses uncollectible accounts only as they are determined to be uncollectible and are written off
  • dishonoring a note
    To fail to pay a note at maturity
  • interest
    The charge imposed on the borrower of funds for the use of money
  • maker
    The party creating the note and agreeing to make payment
  • maturity date
    The date on which a note and related interest are due to be paid
  • maturity value
    The amount due at maturity of a note; includes principal and interest
  • net realizable value (receivables)
    The amount of cash expected to be collected on outstanding accounts receivable; accounts receivable minus the allowance for uncollectibles
  • nontrade receivables
    Amounts due from transactions and events not directly related to sales of products or services
  • notes receivable
    A written promise from a client or customer to pay a definite amount of money on a specific future date
  • payee
    The party to whom a note is made payable
  • principal
    The basic stated amount of a note on which interest is usually calculated; generally relating to the amount borrowed
  • trade receivables
    Amounts due from customers from credits sales of products or services