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  • callable preferred
    Preferred stock that can be repurchased by issuer for a preset price
  • common stock
    The residual equity interest in a corporation; last in liquidation but usually receiving the full benefits of any corporate growth
  • convertible preferred
    Preferred stock that can be exchanged for common stock at some preagreed ratio
  • cumulative preferred
    Preferred stock that is entitled to a periodic dividend, and those dividends must be paid (eventually) before any monies can be distributed to common stockholders
  • dividends in arrears
    An omitted dividend on cumulative preferred stock that must eventually be paid before any monies can be distributed to common stockholders
  • ex-dividend
    The event (date) when a transfer of stock ownership between shareholders will occur without the right for the purchaser to receive any previously declared dividends
  • initial public offering
    The first time stock in a corporation is offered to the investing public; registration and other requirements must be met; proceeds may flow to the corporation or private shareholders
  • legal capital
    Usually the par value of the stock of a corporation
  • paid-in capital in excess of par
    The amount by which a stock's issue price exceeds its par value; also referred to as "additional paid-in capital"
  • par value
    Par value is a technical provision establishing the “legal capital” of the firm and is frequently associated with common and preferred stock to satisfy statutory requirements
  • preemptive right
    A right that may or may not be provided to shareholders enabling them with a first right of refusal to buy any additional shares offered by a corporation
  • preferred stock
    A class of stock that generally benefits from a stipulated periodic dividend and priority in liquidation; but, usually lacking in upside participation in corporate growth
  • prospectus
    The documentation describing financial and business aspects of an initial public offering
  • statement of stockholders' equity
    A financial statement that is often presented in lieu of a statement of retained earnings and other disclosures about equity accounts
  • stock
    Transferable units of ownership in a corporation
  • stock dividend
    A noncash corporate activity to provide shareholders with additional shares in proportion to existing ownership; makes for more shares outstanding, but does not change total equity
  • stock split
    A corporate action to increase the number of shares and reduce the par per share by a stipulated ratio (e.g., 2 for 1)
  • total paid-in capital
    The sum of legal capital plus paid-in capital in excess of par
  • treasury stock
    Shares of a company's own stock that it has reacquired