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  • annuities
    Streams of level (i.e., the same amount each period) payments occurring on regular intervals
  • bonds payable
    An obligation divided into transferable units requiring the issuer to make periodic interest payments and an eventual repayment of the face amount
  • callable bond
    A bond that provides the issuer an option to reacquire the bonds before scheduled maturity at a preset price
  • commitments
    Promises to engage in some future action; not necessarily creating a recordable accounting liability but potentially necessitating enhanced disclosure
  • compound interest
    Interest calculations that provide for periodic inclusion of accumulated interest into the base on which interest is calculated; "interest on the interest"
  • convertible bond
    A bond that may be converted by the holder into stock of the issuing company
  • coupon bond
    A bond that has detachable coupons that are exchanged for interest payments; historically popular but falling into disuse
  • debenture bond
    A bond that lacks specific collateral; payment is only assured by the general faith and creditworthiness of the issuer
  • effective-interest amortization
    A theoretically preferable method for amortizing premiums and discounts on bonds; interest expense is a constant percentage of the bonds ever-changing carrying value
  • future value
    The amount to which an interest-earning amount is expected to grow over a stipulated time period at a given interest rate
  • junk bond
    A bond that is issued by a company of low credit worthiness, and entails substantial risk of nonpayment; generally offers a high interest rate to compensate for the high risk
  • nonredeemable bond
    A bond that cannot be paid off before scheduled maturity
  • nonrefundable bond
    A bond that cannot be paid off with the proceeds of a new debt issue
  • present value
    The calculated value today of an amount to be received in the future, based upon an assumed interest rate (the reciprocal of future value)
  • registered bond
    A bond for which ownership records are maintained, and interest is paid to the registered owner
  • secured bond
    A bond that provides specific assets as collateral to help assure the payment stream
  • serial bond
    A bond issue that has multiple repayment dates, rather than the entire issue maturing at one fixed maturity date
  • simple interest
    Interest calculations that do not provide for periodic inclusion of accumulated interest into the base on which interest is calculated
  • sinking fund bond
    A bond issue that requires periodic setting aside of monies into a separate fund to provide for eventual repayment of the debt at maturity